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AMN prides itself as being the brain child of world renowned Ali Moeen Nawazish. AMN Kids is a state-of-the-art early years learning and child care centre.
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At AMN kids we aim to revolutionize education, starting from the early years.  We believe what happens in the primary years both at home and at school create the vital foundation upon which children's lives are built. We will do our best to ensure that each and every child’s true potential is nurtured by encouraging their imagination through role play, arts and crafts plus an assortment of stimulating theme based activities. At AMN, children learn to take responsibility for themselves and their education starting from an early age. We believe that positive and permanent differences are made by fostering a good sense of balance; focusing on developing the child as a whole, by promoting positive attitudes and a principled character. Children are encouraged to build up their skills in a caring, happy and safe environment where they can explore their world and learn through play and fun.

At AMN we aim to create future leaders and thinkers.

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H # 212, Service Road North, F-10/3